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Prelims 2019 Foundation TestSeries

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Prelims 2019 Foundation TestSeries
by admin user - Thursday, 15 March 2018, 8:24 AM

Many of you did not fill the 2018 form . Many want to start preparation for 2019 or already started . We are going to launch prelims 2019 Foundation Test Series for the same price as last year Rs 1990 [ You will get CSAT Tests Free ] . More than 200 Tests customized for every part of the syllabus . In 2017 Prelims 35 Questions can be answered from our Prelims 2017 Online Test series See Here : . We have covered 2 years current affair , more than 180 tests for prelims 2018 . You can Join 2018 Test Series Here : If you want to Subscribe for 2019 Pay Rs 1990 here :
Foundation Test Series will Start From 25th March Time and again it has been proved that to clear UPSC Prelims one has to master NCERTs. Even in Mains examination NCERTs provide an insight into the basic concepts that one should have clear knowledge about.Those who have already taken the exam know this very well.They also know the time and effort it takes to have that level of confidence .But this time and effort can be reduced to half if we change our way of reading these books.One common mistake that we all do is that we first try to complete the entire syllabus and then only solve any question.But by the time you come back to the previous chapters to revise ,your revision turns into rereading it entirely.Best way to master it for once and all is to read the chapters and solve the test based on it after two or three days.In this test series we have modular tests based on NCERTs. Whether you prefer reading it classwise or subject wise. In subject based tests - All the NCERT books of a specific subject will be covered in two or three tests giving overall coverage of the subject.