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XAAM UPSC Prelims 2018 Online Test Series

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XAAM UPSC Prelims 2018 Online Test Series
by xaam mfe - Monday, 12 February 2018, 2:36 PM

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xaam test series

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35 Question in Prelims 2017 From Xaam Prelims Test Series 2017 
We ran a successful Online Test Series For UPSC Prelims 2017. We are glad to let you know that we have completed the cross checking of the Prelims 2017 Question Against Our Test Series Questions , 35 Questions Came 
check here question by question analysis

We are running 2018 Test Series Prepare with us for one year 
We provide small online tests , a lot of them, 180 this year . 
You can solve the tests while travelling or anytime you have 15-20 minutes . 
You can use your mobile , tablet or laptop to take the tests . 
Looking forward to have a great year with you all 
The Test Series consists of 180 Tests [ Hindi and English Medium Both ] + 25 CSAT Tests Free
** 120 + Tests Activated till now , you can take these tests the moment you are registered.

  1. 30 Tests based on NCERT and NIOS Books(27 sectional +3 Full Mock)
  2. 20 Test based on Standard Reference Books(Laxmikant,GC Leong,Bipan Chandra,Ramesh Singh etc 18 Sectional+2 Full Mock)
  3. 10 Full length Mock Test
  4. 5 tests based on India Year Book and Economic Survey
  5. 11 Mock Tests based on Vision IAS Monthly Current Affair Magazine + 11 of 2016-17
  6. 24 Current Affair Bi monthly Tests + 24 of 2016-2017
  7. 50 Tests Based on Previous Year Questions Static Syllabus Subject wise +++++ **Foundation Part of the Test Series Will Consist of 30 Tests based on NCERT and NIOS Books [Approx 50 Question/Test ] . This will help the aspirants to gain confidence in the initial concept building phase **

Tests Will be activated according to the schedule provided in the above link , But as this is an online test series you can take these tests according to your own schedule anytime on any device , mobile tablet or computer once the test has been activated .

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Combined Syllabus and Schedule Visit
Separate links

For Current Affairs Bimonthly tests Schedule Visit
For(NCERT based) Syllabus and Schedule Visit
For Reference Books based Tests Syllabus and Schedule Visit
Vision based tests will be uploaded as soon as the current affairs magazine is released.
All the Previous year based tests will be uploaded by August 2017.(42 tests has already been activated)

Get Regular Updates Of the Test Series Here :

** Before Registering For Hindi Medium Tests Note That : We will provide Answer and option in Hindi ,We will not be able to provide explanation in Hindi , Explanation will be in English only**.
You Can take each test 4 times . A detailed analysis and explanation of almost each question will be provided after you submit the test instantaneously . 
This is an Online Test Series . You will be registered in the online test portal
within 48 Hours of the payment your account will be activated .

We will enroll you to the website within 48 hours of Payment confirmation
**Please Check your spam folder **
**Aspirants from Both English and Hindi Medium can take the tests 
** As it is an online Test Series You can attempt all the already activated tests whenever you want.
** You can download the tests and their solution in pdf format by just pressing ctrl p and saving as pdf [ Contact if you face any problem ]
**If You face Any problem contact
We reply to all the queries as soon as we see them , so do not hesitate to contact before buying if in doubt **
Or email us at <>

Special Offer : You will get 25 CSAT tests Free with this Test Series

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. If I subscribe now will I be able to take the already Activated Tests ?
Ans . Yes , You can take all the tests whenever you choose to subscribe , These are online tests you can take them anytime you want on any device ( mobile , tablet or laptop)
Q. Can I download the tests as pdf ?
Ans . Yes you can download the tests as pdf by simply pressing ctrl p and saving as pdf.
Q. I have paid and submitted my details when I will be enrolled ?
Ans . Within 48 Hours
Q. I am unable to login from the details provided
Ans . Please do the following steps
1. Enable cookies
2.Copy Paste username and password 
3.Make sure you are logging in the website we sent you in the Registration email 
4. Let us know the browser and device you are using 
5. Please Share the Login Failure Screenshot on <>

Note :
Before Subscribing to the test series be very sure , whether you want to subscribe or not , Once you register it takes a lot of effort on our part to register and configure the account on our portal , which runs on expensive servers costing a lot of money . There will no refund refund in any case , we will provide what we have promised above , we have kept the fee to the lowest possible amount .

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