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Current Affair Bimonthly Tests 2019-20

Detailed Plan of the test series.

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Current Affair Bimonthly Tests

Vision IAS CA Based Mock Test 2020 

Reference Books based test 



Economy(Ramesh Singh/Sriram)

Environment (Shankaias)

Geography (G C leong,Maps)

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Current Affairs Bimonthly Tests [2017-2018]

Full Length Mock Tests 2019

Current Affairs Bimonthly Tests 2018-19

Previous Year Based Test Subject Wise 2019

Vision IAS current Affairs magazine based Tests 2019

Reference Books Based Test (Schedule will be released after Prelims 2018)

Books to Refer (Open for Suggestion)

1.Polity - Laxmikant

2.Modern History - Spectrum ,Bipan Chandra

3.Geography -G.C Leong

4.Environment - Shankaias

5.Economy - Ramesh Sharma

 NCERT Mock Tests Subject wise

Test Based on NCERT Books